Monday, March 26, 2012

My 1st Ever Best Man Speech - Eric Smith & Anna Chatfield's Wedding

Fornication -- For an occasion such as this I would like to thank the Chatfield family for their hospitality and helping us celebrate the marriage of Anna and Eric.

This is my first time being a best man and what a true honor it is.  Especially being Eric's best man.  It really means a lot but it’s also very nerve-wracking at the same time.  I've been nervous for this speech for the past couple of weeks and I've been asking for last minute tips and hints for a while now.
One person told me to use quotes.  In which I was going to start with turning to Anna and telling her to the world u might be one person but to one person you might be their world.  Which given, is completely true, but I decided to switch it up when one of the grandparents gave me the best advice.  This wise man told me, that no matter what, my speech shouldn't be longer than when the groom makes love—so, thank you & good night.

I met Eric in high school, back when he had little blonde streaks highlighted through the tip of his hair, if seeing past that isn’t true friendship.  Well I don’t know what is--that or it could have been the fact that I had a chili bowl that was dyed bleach blonde as well.

But more importantly, I made a great friend that year.  We made a friendship unlike any other.  See Eric and I enjoyed the same things.  Same taste in music, basketball, sports and of course
girls.  We both were on the school’s basketball team, although separated by a year.  No one would understand what it truly meant to be on that team unless you played.  I am talking about drills that would literally kill me now if I attempted them.  It was rough -- and it was every day for five days a week, games were Saturday with one day off.  We worked our asses off.  Eric and I were on the same plan though--we gave it our 110% each day.  And our coach rewarded us, how you say?  By putting us in with 30 seconds left of every game.  It was embarrassing.  It was demoralizing.  And eventually after seeing my parents disappointment, I quit. 

But Eric was stronger than me.  He did not let it affect his pride.  He got in every game and continued playing his ass off just like he did in practice.  He had the persistence that I didn't--he had that will to keep going.
Over the years, our friendship expanded.  I began to call his family mine as he saw my family as his.  Another thing in common we share is that we both have a sister or sisters we love dearly, but we both never had a brother.  Eventually, without acknowledgement, we both began seeing each other as the brother we never had.  It was around the time Anna came into the picture.  They hit it off immediately.  I could tell how much Eric cared about her.  But every fairy-tale wouldn't be worth telling without a story behind it.  They had their ups and downs, like the best of us sitting in this very room.  After one break up, Eric sent me an 8 page typed letter--8 pages at 12 point font—SINGLE SPACED, almost a book on how much he really loved Anna.

I learned a lot from my brother the day I read that.
1. I learned what true love really means that day
2. I learned that what you really want in the world is not easy, that you must work for it.
3. But most importantly, I learned that the same persistence that Eric had in high school for basketball never faded.  That same will and drive is necessary to survive in this journey we call life. 
So I want to thank my brother for life lessons he involuntary taught me.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that's what a big brother is supposed to do.  

So please raise your glasses with me –For fighting for true love and for persistence in finding what truly makes you happy in life.  Thank you!  Cheers!

- Random Andrews

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