Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Dear __________,

Forget Christianity.  As a matter of fact, forget every religion that humans "believe" in.  There is only one God, and he can't keep up with the ever-increasing population rate while still attempting the manage the evil that has plagued our world.  He has created a system that can, or so he thought. 

In 2006, an armed robbery critically injures Clayton and takes the life of his six-year-old brother, Joey.  Clayton struggles to find meaning in life while dealing with the loss of his brother and absence of a father, who he lost earlier to cancer.  He is a self-proclaimed agnostic but struggles to find closure regarding his little brother’s ill-timed death.

Meanwhile, Joey’s soul begins the long process of reincarnation that is well hidden from today’s society.  There is only one God per universe.  And ours simply cannot keep up with the demand.  He has created a system that can automatically recycle souls, erase their previous life, and assign a new host and destination for their next life on Earth. 

Clayton, only eighteen years old, succumbs to the early stages of depression.  He turns to drugs and alcohol for immediate ecstasy but constantly longs for the bond his family once had.  Only after discovering signs from a hidden afterlife, he notices the family he yearns for can be recreated with his girlfriend, Brittney. Clayton purposely impregnates her, destroying her future in the process.

God’s system is supposedly impeccable, but an erratic malfunction occurs. Joey’s soul is accidentally sent into the body of Clayton’s newborn son.  This mistake will affect the entire world and only Clayton has the power to stop it, even if he doesn’t know it yet. 

PURGATORY is a found-footage novel about two worlds secretly coexisting as one, and one brother’s determination to finally solve life’s most notorious question – what really happens after we die?  I would love to send you my Adult/Sci-Fi novel, PURGATORY, which is complete at 86,000 words.  PURGATORY is a standalone novel with series potential (Purgatory, Inferno, Paradise).


Random Andrews

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